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Upper Key Stage 2

If you would like  to email your child's class teacher then you can use the phase email address below. 

The teachers will not be able to pick up their emails during the school day, so any urgent messages should be sent to the Office.

Welcome to Upper Key Stage 2!


Key Stage 2 Home Learning


Dear Parents and Carers,


As many of you may now be self-isolating and with school being closed, we have put together activities and websites you may use to continue your child’s learning.  Obviously, at the forefront of our minds is their safety so if they are ill please allow your child to rest.


While this is a tricky situation, let us think about the unseen benefits too. Use this as a time to play games, learn life skills such as cooking, tidying sorting and taking time to reflect with each other. 

We would be expecting the children to only work for about 3 hours during the day with lots of opportunities for exercise and play.

Please check our top tips for online safety and ensure you are with your child as they access any on line material.


Below is some home learning and a suggested timetable/timings to help you to manage the children's day!

Dear Year 6 parents,

To enable your child to have a ‘signed’ shirt, they will need to bring a shirt into school. This can be an old school shirt, polo shirt or PE shirt. It would also be helpful if they brought in a sharpie or felt pen to write on the other year 6’s shirts! The children will be able to do this in their own ‘bubble’ on Wednesday. It would be good if the shirts can come in on Monday, so they can be in school already, to prevent viral transfer.
Also, as Reception’s last day physically in school is Wednesday the same as Year 6s if your child would like to send a card to their Buddy please may they bring them in on Monday too. This is to allow the cards time to be in school too, before they are handed to the children by the reception staff.
We all recognise how challenging these changes and modifications are to your child, but we are doing our best to enable as much end of year 6 traditions as possible, whilst keeping everyone safe.
Hope you have a lovely weekend 😊
Best wishes to you all
Michele Chamberlain and the whole 5/6 team

Years 5/6 have used found materials to create animals. Enjoy trying to guess them!

Using their cross-curricular work on World War II, Years 5/6 designed medals

Evaluation of my DT- making a medal


- how did you do? What worked well? I used tin foil and folded it about 4 times to make it strong and then I hot glued the cut out layers together.

What did you like about your design? I really like the rainbow and writing on my design because it symbolizes what the medal is being awarded for.

What interesting techniques did you try? I tried folding the layers of tin foil as much as I could for extra strength and the glue was to hold all of the layers together.

Yr 6 - Meditation in this time of isolation


Jesus has overcome death, torture and betrayal. Even though he knew they were going to happen he still sacrificed himself to redeem all of our sins so we could know we would always be forgiven by God no matter what the circumstances. In this time when we are in lock-down and there are quite a lot of negatives there are always positives like:

Playing more in the garden,

Spending more time with your family,

Playing with my sister more,

Calling my friends on video calls and doing Joe Wicks every day.

My family have told me to hope for the best and that we will get through this together. Also like one of the passages we read before the lock-down said that your life will not get any longer if you worry, so why worry? When things are not going well, you need to keep hope in God, because no-one but God knows what is coming next.


Apple - still-life using oil pastels

Science experiments

World War II newsreel

Still image for this video

Yr 5/6 have been inspired by their learning about World War II: evacuees, newsclips, reporters, DT projects...

Impressive bakers in Years 5 and 6!

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Welcome to the new school year! It is wonderful to see everyone in school and to welcome our new children into Early Years.