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St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School


Portraiture in the Gallery - observing and asking questions of an artist. Next thing is our "Pop-up Art" at Friday lunchtime

Early Years working on colour-mixing

They commented on how they arrived at their colour- mixes:

Yellow and red make orange, I think!


Yellow and blue make orange. Actually, green.


The middle colour is my favourite, because it's my dad's favourite (blue).


I was just wanting to make that colour (light brown). I mixed red and green.

(Do you know how you made green?) Blue and yellow.


Year 1 looked at Van Gogh's work, to see how mark-making can create a picture. They used pencils and graphite to make patterns with  all kinds of marks. The children felt that different marks created different textures and feelings. They then took inspiration from Kandinsky who "heard" colour and "saw" sounds (synaesthesia) and created marks to match the musical instruments that we played. Here is a montage of their favourite marks.

Year 1 continued their exploration of mark-making, responding to the stimulus of Vivaldi's Four Seasons, linked to their Science topic of the seasons

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Representatives of all schools across KCSP joined a mass of thanksgiving at St Simon Stock to mark the installation of Annemarie Whittle as our new CEO.