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St Margaret Clitherow

A drawing of St Margaret Clitherow watching over our school in heaven by Malcolm Goldsmith

Our year three children have been learning about the Litany of Saints. They were asked what they know about St Margaret Clitherow and this is what they responded;


  • St Margaret is the patron saint of converts and businesswomen. She is the saint for the name of our school.
  • She stood up for what she believed in.
  • She had three children and was pregnant with her fourth when she died.
  • She changed from being Protestant to Catholic...This means she converted her faith.
  • The Monarchy only allowed the Protestant faith at this time...The Catholic people couldn't go to church.
  • St Margaret's faith was too strong so she didn't follow the rules.
  • She was kind by helping priests and people have mass at her home.
  • Someone caught her secretly having mass with priests at her home and said "If you plead not guilty, your children will be tortured."
  • St Margaret pleaded guilty because she didn't want her children to get hurt.
  • She was crushed to death.



Two pupils in  3 Beech wrote a letter to Mrs Oubridge explaining that they have been learning about the Litany of Saints. They asked if our school could do something special to celebrate St Margaret's feast day on March 26th. Mrs Oubridge rewarded their innovative ideas and supported their suggestions to mark this significant occasion. The pupils willingness to share and action their ideas encapsulates the CST principle Subsidiarity and Sid the sheep character of everyone having a say.

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At our school everything we do comes from our Mission statement Love. The school values we instill in our children are SERVICE, THANKFULNESS, RESPECT, FORGIVENESS, INTEGRITY, RESILIENCE, FAITH and ASPIRATION.