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School Clubs

Drama Club


Drama Club rehearse and perform a summer production every year. They incorporate role play, dance, mime and improvisation identifying difficult themes within the script. CST enables children to share ideas collectively, work as a team and gain confidence to have their voices heard. The Human Dignity principle, in relation to the Luc the Deer mascot reinforces how everyone is special. Genesis 1:27 and Galatians 3:28 emphasises that God created us in his own image and no one should be subordinate for their gender, background or the colour of their skin. We are called to be brave and stand up for equality.


As a human being, every person has self knowledge and reflection on themselves, making free decisions and entering into communion with others. We are called to respond to God in faith. (DOCAT, 2016) Being made in God's image and likeness means that we are always related to God and can develop our full personal potential in God.



Hansel and Gretel

The Ugly Duckling

Throughout the rehearsal process of The Ugly Duckling, children discussed thoughts and feelings about being different, recognising the importance of inclusivity. Transformational justice plays a vital role in this process as the children were able to reflect on times when they felt excluded and how crucial it is to show love to others, following Jesus' example.


The student voice during rehearsals impacted the life of our school community and was delicately portrayed in the production enabling students to have an opportunity to highlight difficult themes and CST principles of Human Dignity, Solidarity,  Justice and Subsidiarity. It further expanded to the rest of the school and wider community, through a diverse  audience consisting of families, governors and parish. They followed the journey of a rejected duckling who found a true sense of identity through belonging and acceptance once it grew into a beautiful swan.


One parent shared explicit enthusiasm for the show through her feedback comment sheet which stated, 'This performance is truly spectacular and my daughter has gained so much confidence from taking part in Drama Club. She enjoyed the ensemble experience, has learnt a range of skills and has made so many friends!'

Eco Club


Eco Club made a big campaign on World Earth Day for children to wear a green accessory and make an individual promise to make the world a better place. They participated in recycling, created posters and collected the compost bins from classrooms. They have also written letters to our local MP on different ways to improve the environment. 


Christians show solidarity by seeking to participate as a collective and looking after their responsibility to shape the world. The Son of God not only declares his solidarity with all mankind; he even lays down his life for us. The definitive self giving for the sake of others represents the highest possible love and solidarity and should become the standard for Christianity. (DOCAT, 2016)


Our Eco Warriors care for God's creation and take their responsibility seriously. They acknowledge that it is an act of discipleship: we are stewards of the earth, called by God to 'take care of it.' (Genesis 2:15)

Woodland Club



Woodland Club supports pupils to work together as a team, through a range of different games and activities.

It surrounds the collaboration of building each other up and focuses on following instructions with rules to achieve a given task. Every week a child is rewarded 'pupil of the week.' Children learn important skills in the outdoors and need to navigate challenging obstacles. The promotion of positive wellbeing is scaffolded through the physical and emotional needs which are being met in every child. The CST principles of Participation and Common Good are always reiterated. Similarly, our school values Aspiration, Integrity and Resilience are regularly reinforced in Woodland Club. 

Sport Team Clubs

Our Team Clubs  partake in many tournaments and carry out exemplary Sportsmanship. They practice every week without fail and make great progress in developing their skills. They have achieved a number of wins aspiring to do their best and continue to remain humble.

Our teams play fairly, with uttermost respect for their opposition. When visiting other schools, St Margaret Clitherow pupils are often praised and recognised for their outstanding conduct and behaviour. They work together as a team, have lots of fun and fundamentally follow the school values, with Resilience being at the forefront, to never give up. 

Gardening Club

We are very fortunate to have a parent volunteer run our Gardening Club. Mrs Hemsley shares her expertise and knowledge with the children every week. We are all called to look after the world. We have a specific responsibility towards the creation which God has put at the service of our personal dignity, not only for present but also for future generations (Gen 2:15). We should leave behind an earth on which those who come after us can live too (Cardinal Peter Turkson). The courage to hope must be combined with the search for knowledge and readiness to act. Gardening Club plant seeds, vegetables, sweep, weed and make bird feeders. They take great care of our school garden and are excellent stewards.



Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership is an exempt charity and a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales under company registration number 08176019 at registered address Barham Court, Teston, Kent, ME18 5BZ. St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary Schoo is a business name of Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership.

At our school everything we do comes from our Mission statement Love. The school values we instill in our children are SERVICE, THANKFULNESS, RESPECT, FORGIVENESS, INTEGRITY, RESILIENCE, FAITH and ASPIRATION.