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St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School

School Houses and Prefects

Our year 6 children serve the school by acting as prefects. Each child applied for which role they would like. The house captains and deputies were voted for by their peers.

House Captain and Deputy of Earth

House Captain and Deputy of Air

House Captain and Deputy of Fire

House Captain and Deputy of Water

Chaplaincy Prefects

As school chaplain prefects we lead our chaplaincy group with Mrs Chamberlain. We want everyone to know that they are made in the image of God and are loved by him. We support our school community by leading them in prayers and collective worship. We reach out to our local community and the wider community by helping to organise food, supporting them with what they need, so that they know we are all valued and equal in the eyes of God. We enjoy sharing what we have so nothing is wasted and everyone knows we are all part of God’s global family. We pray together in our Chaplaincy group to promote peace in our school and the world by our good example. We are constantly trying to think of innovative ways that we can show the love of God in our lives!

Sports Prefects

As Sports leaders we want to help everybody who is part of our school community to be active and participate in sporting activities together. We know how important being active is for our physical and mental health. We will be running clubs during the week for different year groups to take part in, so do sign up for one. We want to be role models within school to show that being active can be fun, sociable and bring us together as a community. ‘Let’s keep moving!’

Office Prefects

The office prefects are here to support our school community and particularly Mrs Shaw and Mrs Duddy who work in the office. The office staff work so hard and do an amazing job of organising school trips, sending out emails to parents, looking after us when we are unwell and answering parents’ questions (to name just a few of their responsibilities!). As prefects, we take turns to we carry our office duties each day such as helping to take messages to teachers and children in different classes and giving out poppies. We are also responsible for sorting lost property and returning lost items to their owners. It’s important we all work together for the good of everyone in our school community.

Librarian and Reading Prefects

As the Librarian and Reading Prefects we want everyone to enjoy reading and experience the wonder of escaping into a new world, developing imaginations, discovering new facts and being curious about the world we live in. We will be looking after our school library so do come and find us at lunchtime where we can recommend a book or join us for one of our story times. We think reading is wonderful and something we want us, as a school community, to cherish.

Eco and Wellbeing Prefects

As eco and well-being prefects we enjoy supporting the whole school community to be effective stewards of God’s creation. We remind our school about ways that they can be responsible for sustainability and we raise awareness of the importance of regular recycling, re-using and reducing waste. As part of our role we run lunch-time clubs which is an important way in which we support the positive well-being of our fellow pupils. We know how important it is for each of us to realise that we are an important and valued part of our school community and by our cheerful and encouraging attitude we work to enable each to know how precious we all are and loved by God.

Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership is an exempt charity and a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales under company registration number 08176019 at registered address Barham Court, Teston, Kent, ME18 5BZ. St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary Schoo is a business name of Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership.

At our school everything we do comes from our Mission statement Love. The school values we instill in our children are SERVICE, THANKFULNESS, RESPECT, FORGIVENESS, INTEGRITY, RESILIENCE, FAITH and ASPIRATION.