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Our New Vision and Principles for Science

Mrs Mathieson, in her role as both Science and Early Years leader, gave a talk to other leaders to help develop their science practice at our MAT's Science Celebration Day. She shared examples of outstanding practice showing what Science looks like in an Early Years setting.

Science Week 2022

During Science week, we have asked the children a series of questions for them to explore. We are looking forward to their thoughts on the following:


What if winter never ended?

What if everything tasted the same?

What if humans hibernated?

What if every material was stretchy?

What if our school banned paper?

A small selection of the amazing photos from our Science Photo Gallery, on display as you come into school. Do take a look and admire!

We recently asked the children what they think science means. They sent some fabulous photos as part of our school competition. See which explanation matches which photo!

Science means potions


Science for me is seeing how things work.

‘Science means building a magnetic car.

Science means....bouncing on my trampoline. When I bounce on my trampoline, my body moves because my muscles move it. The other thing that moves is the trampoline, which is elastic. The energy from my body goes into the elastic trampoline!’

‘Science means nature’

Science is….colours exploding!’

‘Science means exploring ice.’


“Science means being brave, experimenting and exploring so we can help people and look after our world.”

‘Science means to me an infinite amount of possibilities.’

‘Science means discovering and understanding the world around me. I really enjoy learning about gravity and the solar system.'

'Science to me means exploring new ideas and the natural world'


‘This is the chemical reaction of baking soda and vinegar. I did this because I love chemistry!’

‘Science to me is all about how things work and the inventions behind it.’

‘Science means to me to discover new things, to create new ideas and all by having fun.’


‘Salty snow experiment’

‘Science helps us to make medicine for illnesses.’


‘Science means unlocking understanding the world and how it works’

'The water evaporated form the kettle.’

‘Mixing vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.’


‘What Science means to me is looking at amazing microscopic pictures through my microscope, I really like my microscope and it is amazing to see what normal things look like under it! In this picture, you are looking at the end of a leaf zoomed in ten times.’

‘Science means mist or fog when it’s cold.’

‘This picture of a plug socket inspires me because I want to be an engineer.’

‘Science and the work of Frederick Banting and his team (who discovered insulin) means that I can control my type 1 diabetes and lead a normal life.’

‘Science to me is baking a cake.’

‘Science means to me to be able to discover and explore many different things like experiments, animals, humans and many more. Science to me is just incredible!’

‘Science means…transformation and evolving because hundreds of years ago this tree trunk used to be a seed that evolved into a tree and now it is transformed to something people can sit on.’

Science means looking at the world around us and learning what it means’

‘Science is the study of everything around us and how we can solve problems and make the world a better place.

Science means understanding how things all around us work’

‘Science means magic.

For me science is like a light, it makes our everyday life brighter and colourful. Just like the picture of these smart bulbs that uses science and technology to change its colours and it can switch on and off just by using your voice to a smart device like Alexa or using your phone app. With science, our future will be brighter.

‘Science means nature and animals' well-being to me. It is important we look out for each other.’

‘To me science means ideas: the discovery of everything and everyone,the exploration of the universe surrounding us and finally, to me the most important thing about science is creativity.’

‘Science means experiments and creativity.’

‘Science to me is....balloon modelling. I used a pump to pump air into my balloon. My balloon was small and wrinkled to begin with, and then it stretched when the air was pumped inside. Now it is a different shape - it is a dog.’

“Science for me is exploring the outdoors.”

'Science means growing new things'

The school garden was left to run to seed, so that the children could see the stages of development, from seed to seed. Who knew how tall a lettuce grows as it flowers and sets seed?

Year 4 were thrilled to explore the differences between animal skeletons as part of their Science topic. One keen naturalist brought in a selection of skulls and other skeletal remains for comparison as they practised their skills of observing, asking questions and predicting.



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