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St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School

Design and Technology

Textiles combining different fabric shapes


Year 6 designed Christmas stockings and gave them to their buddies. Of course, no Christmas stocking can be empty, so there were also little gifts inside.

Electrical Systems.  

Year 4 created a night light for a family member or friend using simple circuits and switches. They were very proud of the effect and their technical achievements.

Shell Structures.

Year 3 designed 3D Christmas decorations for a family member or friend using Purple Mash to create their nets and designs.

They considered the person they were making it for, their tastes and also what might be an appropriate theme.

Mechanisms -Wheels and Axles.

Year 2 experimented with making fixed wheels and wheels rotating around an axle. They evaluated the effect and then  chose which to put into their vehicle design. 

Free Standing structures.



Year 1 had the challenge of building a free-standing structure that would withstand their wind test. They had already experimented with different structures to understand what would make a firm, solid base and then used that in their finished product. Some children thought about using hair dryers to simulate the wind, others blew very hard; most were able to rely on the very windy conditions.

Early Years children have lots of opportunities to develop Design and Technology skills during Challenge Time through construction and craft activities. 

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