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St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School



At St Margaret's we value all our children and are inclusive of all abilities, caring and valuing each child in a way that ensures they reach their own, individual potential.  We aspire to ensure that our children make exceptional progress that can only be attained through understanding their needs well, consistency and commitment. 


Our children are able to access a team of committed and talented individuals both within and outside school who inspire and motivate both the children and their families.


Early intervention is crucial and we are a school that are open to therapies and the benefits we  can achieve through them. 

We work together with a range of other organisations and schools who challenge and support us in the building of an inclusive community within our  school.  Essential reviewing is done quickly to enable progress to continue and as a community there are strong links to support the raising of each child with the love and care they require to take their unique role in the wider world.

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