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St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School

Tech Clubs from September

We are very excited to be offering the children the opportunity to develop their tech skills with after school clubs run by NextThing Education, who have much experience in this sector. There will be 1 session offered per phase each week, so Yrs 5/6 on Monday, Yrs 1/2 on Wednesday and Yrs 3/4 on Thursday.


Here is an example of a typical programme:

Week 1: Robots - Learning and programming an obstacle-avoiding robot

Week 2:Circuits - Creating Wagging tail Cat bot with touch sensitive colour soundboard

Week 3 : Media - Learning how to DJ with real DJ decks

Week 4: Engineering - Building K'nex Wind-powered sail car racing

Week 5: Creative - 3D Printing with 3D pens

Week 6: Explorative - Swimming with dolphins in Virtual Reality


Week 7: Robots - Progressing to make a robot speak, light up and dance

Week 8: Circuits - Creating an FM radio with circuits

Week 9: Media - Video editing

Week 10: Engineering - Moving motors with Lego Bots

Week 11: Creative - Video Game Design

Week 12: Explorative - Minecraft Redstone



We attach a flyer with further details; bookings and payments are now open on the company’s website:




Please note that the dates are shown in American style: month, then day!

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It was fabulous to welcome so many new parents to supper at school last night. This is always a wonderful occasion, but felt especially so this year!