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Key Stage 1

           Landscape Painting 


In preparation for their own paintings, Year 1 explored the technique of colour washes. They then looked at different parts of the school grounds to act as the inspiration for their works. Next,  they laid down washes to form the background in preparation for the stage of adding detail to the middle ground and foreground. 

      Spring artworks in Year 2

They practised colour-mixing in their observational work to produce watercolours of spring flowers. Then they drew on what they had learnt of pointillism in computing to create still-lifes using this technique. Great learning,  Year 2, well done!

Watercolours of spring flowers

Pointillism still-lifes

Year 2's Nativity


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Year 1's Christingle Service.



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We hope that you enjoy it!

Drama Club's End of Term Show


Drama Club put on a performance, showing all the skills that they have practised over the past terms. It was a feast of song, dance, mime and acting. We all thoroughly enjoyed it!


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Year 2 are learning about the Stone Age and were fascinated to discover how to pound deer sinews to make cordage.

The dried sinews. The one at the top had been pounded while fresh. This did not work

Stages of the sinews separating as they are pounded. The second photo shows fibres as fine as a hair.

Year 1's writing, based on a mystery discovered in the courtyard...

The start of Year 2's learning about the Great Fire of London - here are the front covers


My eyes could not believe what they had seen at the bakery on Pudding Lane.

It had been a very dark night and I had been awake the whole night because it was very hot. In the morning I went out in the street to see what all the noise what was about. To my amazement, all the people of the street were running from their houses. The spark had turned into a huge fire and was spreading on top of the wooden houses. I felt worried about all my belongings and my sister Mila. I felt scared that the fire might approach our house made from wood as it would burn all our belongings. I smelt smoke from the fiery orange fire. The smell was strong and unbearable.

The hot gleaming fire was still far away and I could see people hurriedly rushing to boats and rowing rapidly to the other side of the river. Panicking Mila and I packed our belongings and put them in a cart. We ran to a rowing boat and climbed in. I rowed with Mila weeping by my side. In the distance, I could see London being destroyed by the raging fire.


It had been a very hot and dry day when I saw some fire coming out of a bakery on Pudding Lane. Then there was some smoke coming out of everywhere from the bakery. Then I heard some screaming and shouting.

My eyes couldn’t believe what they had seen, there were people running from the fire because it was getting bigger and bigger. It was spreading faster and faster.

All of the houses and cottages were burning down slowly. Some people were trying to escape from the fire on a boat.


The past few days have been a nightmare. I had been woken in the night to the sound of screaming outside. I scrambled out of my bed to the window. I saw red sparks coming from the horizon and people screaming and rowing to safety. It looked like the fire was coming from the bakery. I put my clothes on quickly and ran to the door. My dad and my mum had just woken up, my brother was shouting.

My dad ran to the door to help fight the fire and my mum stayed to look after me and my brother. My dad brought a fire hook and a leather bucket. And me and my brother were very scared.

"My Family" - in French

Year 1's English combined with Geography, also some great art and computing skills in evidence

Yr 1/2 children's responses to PSHE: sharing how I can show love to others.

              We hope you enjoy our fabulous KS1 Nativity.   Merry Christmas!





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Some of Yr 1's home learning during isolation. They have used sliders with great success in a Nativity scene.

Yr 1 are focussing on "Then and Now", developing their grasp of chronology. Here are some examples of their work on structures, using marshmallows and spaghetti!

Year 2's theme is Fire and Community. They have linked their learning across subjects, looking at the Stone Age.

Inspired by learning about Captain Scott's Antarctic expedition, the children have made illustrations using sliders.

In Art, the children have looked at various artists' views from a window. They have been inspired to create their own!

Key Stage 1 learnt about the Ascension. Here are some of their responses.

Teddy bears, and families, enjoyed picnics

Stickman is inspiring!

Year 1 and 2 have been comparing toys from the past and nowadays, then having a go at making their own!

Victorian toys and games, as carried out by Years 1 and 2

Our Poppy Display

Wattle and Daub


Some Year 1 and Year 2 children enjoying making a panel using wattle and daub, as part of our learning about building materials through the ages. 

Wattle and Daub

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What a week!! Two sports mornings, one school trip, Fathers' day breakfast and Jubilee celebrations! It was great to have families back in school.