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Key Stage 1




If you would like  to email your child's class teacher then you can use the phase email address below.  The teachers will not be able to pick up their emails during the school day, so any urgent messages should be sent to the Office.


Welcome to Key Stage 1!


 Key Stage 1 Home Learning


Dear Parents and Carers,


As many of you may now be self-isolating and with school being closed, we have put together activities and websites you may use to continue your child’s learning.  Obviously, at the forefront of our minds is their safety so if they are ill please allow your child to rest.


While this is a tricky situation, let us think about the unseen benefits too. Use this as a time to play games, learn life skills such as cooking, tidying sorting and taking time to reflect with each other. 

We would be expecting the children to only work for about 2 hours during the day with lots of opportunities for exercise and play.

Please check our top tips for online safety and ensure you are with your child as they access any on line material.


Below is some home learning and a suggested timetable/timings to help you to manage the children's day!

Yr 1 are focussing on "Then and Now", developing their grasp of chronology. Here are some examples of their work on structures, using marshmallows and spaghetti!

Year 2's theme is Fire and Community. They have linked their learning across subjects, looking at the Stone Age.

Inspired by learning about Captain Scott's Antarctic expedition, the children have made illustrations using sliders.

In Art, the children have looked at various artists' views from a window. They have been inspired to create their own!

Key Stage 1 learnt about the Ascension. Here are some of their responses.

Teddy bears, and families, enjoyed picnics

Stickman is inspiring!

Year 1 and 2 have been comparing toys from the past and nowadays, then having a go at making their own!

Victorian toys and games, as carried out by Years 1 and 2

Our Poppy Display

Wattle and Daub


Some Year 1 and Year 2 children enjoying making a panel using wattle and daub, as part of our learning about building materials through the ages. 

Wattle and Daub

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Have a peaceful half term holiday and return refreshed for all the learning ahead of us!