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Newsletter No. 11, 23 November 2018


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NEWSLETTER No.11 – 23 November 2018


Dear Parents


Miss Ventress’ class assembly was a wonderful reminder of the importance of team work, and how God asks us to work together to support each other and make the most of our talents. They creatively linked the topic of the Romans as well! Thank you to everyone for all their hard work and to the parents and all family members who joined us.


We were delighted to see so many of you at consultation evenings this week. As a school we find this opportunity very helpful to meet with parents and hope that you find them of value in understanding the development of your children’s learning.



Immunisation forms for children in Rec. – Yr5 will be collected on Tuesday morning, so if you would like your child to receive the flu immunisation spray, and you have yet to hand in your consent form, please do so by Monday afternoon.



This is being held in Fisher Hall, Lyons Crescent from 10 – 2pm. If you have any raffle tickets that you have not returned, you can take them along before the draw at 12pm noon.




Our school will be leading some of the carols and acting at this service, as well as leading the Christmas Vigil Mass. We look forward to seeing many of you at these festive event. To help us organise children to take part in the Tableau and be candle bearers it would be helpful if you could let us know if your child is going to be there. The whole school will be singing from the sanctuary steps and the children will need to be wearing their uniform.


KS1 proudly presents: THE CHRISTMAS CODE: MONDAY 10 and WEDNESDAY 12 DECEMBER at 6pm.

We are holding two evening performances this year. Due to numbers, we can only allocate a maximum of 2 seats per performance per family in KS1 (total 4 tickets over the two performances). For Health and Safety reasons any children coming to watch with you will each require a ticket and will be allocated a seat, children are not permitted to sit on laps. Children at school will have seen the dress rehearsal in school.


Children should arrive back at school via the front entrance from 5.15pm and should assemble in their classrooms. Refreshments will be available before the performances in the gallery when the doors open at 5.15pm. As you are aware there is very limited parking on site and the lower part of the driveway does not accommodate two cars passing each other. If you are dropping your child and leaving please park off site and walk your child down to the office. If you are bringing your child and remaining for the production you are welcome to drop your child and park (after 5.15pm) on site but you will not be able to move your car until the end of the production when everybody is leaving. We will monitor the playground and close the gates when the playground is full. Please be considerate at all times. You may want to park off site, remembering not to block driveways or access, as this will probably make your arrival and leaving easier. If you are not staying for the production you will need to collect your child at about 7.00pm.


You can choose the performance that you would like to attend using our online ordering system (details sent out earlier today via ParentPay). If you have selected a maximum of two seats for a particular performance and would like to request an extra ticket, please contact the school office. We will monitor the system and send home paper tickets before the performance, depending on availability.


Parents can take photographs and record the production for their personal use. Please do not upload images onto the internet.


Due to health and safety and fire regulations pushchairs should not be brought into the school, therefore we would request that pushchairs are left outside the buildings. Thank you.



All teacher led school clubs will finish at the end of the week beginning 3 December.

Msporti after school clubs will continue until Thursday 13 December and Gym and Dance club will finish on Tuesday 11 December.



KCC’s online application system is now open: All parents will need to complete both our school’s Supplementary Information Form (SIF) and also KCC’s Primary Admissions Form (RCAF) by 15 January 2019. When completing the RCAF please note our school’s DfE number is 3744.



As part of our Christmas festivities, the school kitchen will be serving a hot Christmas dinner to the children at lunchtime on two dates (Reception and KS1 on 18 December and KS2 on 13 December). This special lunch will be paid for by the school. If your child will not be having Christmas lunch on that day, please do let us know so we can organise numbers for the kitchen. If you have already booked your child for this date, please unbook this date, and the money (if you’re in KS2) will be credited to your account.


There have recently been instances of head lice and I would ask parents to be vigilant and treat the whole family should their child have hair infestation.


Yours sincerely



Caroline Ryan

Academy Principal

We are looking forward to welcoming our Senior Citizens to our special festive lunch and performance on Monday!